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Bhasha Bharati Arts established in the year 1968 for Indian Language translation and Shakti Enterprise established in the year 1985 for foreign language translation are two of India's most preferred translation service company that covers the entire spectrum of global communication.

As the name suggests, Bhasha and Shakti are your Language Power to connect with global consumers

The group is driven by the fundamental belief that translation is all about culturally connecting with customers and communicating in their language with the Power of Clarity.

Both Bhasha Bharati Arts and Shakti Enterprises are ISO certified and equipped to provide you with translation, typesetting, website and software localization services apart from other specialized services such as proof reading, transcription and interpretation service in most Indian and Foreign languages.

Delivering quality, timely service and giving value for money are the essential principles on which we do business.
  1. We treat each project no matter how large or small with same commitment to Quality.
  2. We treat all our translators as important assets and value their time. That's why we ensure that they get all documents and source files reviewed to avoid back and forth during translation. This has resulted in reducing Turn-Around-Time and meeting client deadlines at all times.
  3. We understand your need to control cost and eliminate waste. This understanding drives us to build internal process and use technology for efficiency in management so that our project cost is always attractive and reasonable to you.

Our Services:

Translation Service:

We believe in employing in-country and native language professional linguists who have domain expertise in educational, healthcare, medical, finance, marketing, legal, and technical sectors, so that the final translated document truly reflects the intended message of the original.

Typesetting and DTP Service:

We have in-house DTP operators, who are highly qualified to work on all latest DTP Software to provide you typesetting and formatting as per source file, so that you get ready-to-print file as per your printing requirement.

Website Localization:

Being a leading provider of website localization service in the country, we understand the significance of translating a website for multiple cultures. That's why we engage professional native translators who understandthe medium while translating and keyword translations are modified to attract traffic to your website due to better SEO.

Our approach to website localisation is to involve from the planning stage itself so that our research team can offer inputs to target your multilingual website with a view to gain market share. To differentiate our unique services in digital space we have launched the brand beyondwordz.

Our other Specialised services:

Mobile Apps, Mobile websites, Multimedia localisation, Software localisation, graphic localization, certified translation, proof reading, transcription and interpretation from any language to any language are some of the specialized service we undertake.

Just entrust us as your language partner to get the benefit of single source solution for all your language adaptation in print, audio-visual, web and digital medium.

Chairman's Note

The World is getting more interconnected. As a result, more and more companies are turning global in their effort to expand their businesses. Internet marketing in foreign language is the next big thing to-day in marketing. Study by internet word stats, indicates that Internet users browsing the Internet in English language are only 27% of the total Internet users and the percentage is coming down year on year.

Realizing the growing demand for multilingual website to penetrate new markets and speak in their language, we have created a separate project management team to take care of website and software localization under the Brand Beyondwordz.

We are sure you will trust us as your language partner to get the benefit of single source solution for all your language adaptation in print, audio-visual, web and digital medium.