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why localise

Speak in your customers’ language

The picture above is an embarrassing effort to relish Indian Dosa without adapting to local situation. Adapting oneself to the culture of market is crucial in global communication. Straight translation of source file without considering the nuances of local language is fraught with danger of being misunderstood. In some cases it will even lead to translation blunders.

Website translation properly localised, speaks the language of customer and culturally connects with them in such a way that it is not seen as translated version, but a style and version in the language they can relate to as their own.

What is Localization?

  • Localization is a process of adapting the content and the product for a specific locale.
  • Localization is more than simply exchanging the words and grammar of one language for those of another.
  • Localization enables your message to be positively received by target audience.
  • Localization ensures that essence of the original is maintained, with consistency in terminology and technical terms. The relevance of brand to the target market is communicated in such a way that it speaks the language of customer and connects with them culturally.

Culturally connecting is the Key

You have invested on your website and spent a lot of time and effort to see that your website probably in English is done keeping in mind your corporate communication goals. The tone and style of language is in keeping with your brand identity.

As different regions have different language, different dialects within the same language, and different culture, your website translation should account for changes to make linguistic and cultural connection.

This is done by paying attention to imagery in all mediums such as photos, videos, and Flash. Delete inoffensive content and be respectful of sensitive male/female relationships in different cultures. Decide which content on your website will be translated and which will remain in English.

Increase traffic to your website by linguistic SEO

Adding language and localizing the website to generate higher ranking in all search engine is done based on researching the keywords in each language. The right keywords are not always literal translations from one language to another. Linguistic SEO calls for localizing as per usage of key words in local searches, in-depth research on target customer behaviour, copywriting, understanding keyword density, relevance to get get higher ranking.

Beyondwordz adapts your website that enables to speak in customers language and culturally connects in the language of your market to increase ROI.