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Beyondwordz - The team that is Beyond words

why localise

BeyondWordz is a brand of Shakti Enterprise for website localisation.

Shakti Enterprise is a dedicated and well qualified multilingual translation agency from India. Since its inception, Shakti Enterprise has been offering professional language translation services to its global clients.

With over 20 years of functioning, we add a wealth of experience in terms of translation expertise, technology and management, to your projects. Our experience permits us to take up medical translation services, technical translation services and website translation services.

The growth Internet users and digital marketing with website localisation, software localisation, Search Engine Optimization in languages is a new challenge for companies looking to penetrate new markets and expand business.

Realizing the surge in demand for Website Localisation and Multi-lingual SEO as well as other Multi Media localisation, we have created a separate project management team under the brand beyondwordz.

Introducing beyondwordz

Shakti Enterprise has created a separate brand called beyondwordz to differentiate its service from others and to offer multilingual websites that goes beyond words so that your website speaks in customers' language and culturally adopts the global communication to local market requirement.

Website Localisation from Beyondwordz is also the most cost effective method to gain new business and increase sales.

Why beyondwordz

At beyondwordz, we literally go beyond words to understand your market, your products and services, and the globalization requirement. This understanding helps us to suggest suitable adaptation of language, colours, images, graphics and synchronise your website with emotional and cultural connect. The final result is always to go beyond words and bring in the essence of the original.

Beyondwordz specialises in

  • Website Localisation in all Indian and foreign language
  • Software Localisation
  • Multi-Lingual SEO

The expertise of Beyondwordz centres on precise translation and localisation of content that brings out the exact meaning of original document in target language. Beyondwordz delves deeper into understanding the internet concepts of target country, key word analysis, insights into search terms that locals use so that your web copy is not only culturally correct but has the right search terms used for better SEO.

Entrust us with an opportunity for discussing your next project. We have a full-fledged team of project coordinators, localisation engineers, graphic designers and linguists to handle all your technical and linguistic queries. Our marketing team will coordinate with you to suggest the most appropriate website localisation solution at most attractive terms. Due to operating costs being low in India as compared to other advanced nations, we are able to compete in International markets and offer the price advantage without compromising on quality.

Shakti Enterprise

Chairman's Note

The World is getting more interconnected. As a result, more and more companies are turning global in their effort to expand their businesses. Internet marketing in foreign language is the next big thing to-day in marketing. Study by internet word stats, indicates that Internet users browsing the Internet in English language are only 27% of the total Internet users and the percentage is coming down year on year.

Realizing the growing demand for multilingual website to penetrate new markets and speak in their language, we have created a separate project management team to take care of website and software localization under the Brand Beyondwordz.

We are sure you will trust us as your language partner to get the benefit of single source solution for all your language adaptation in print, audio-visual, web and digital medium.