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Software Localization

Localization of Mobile & Web Apps is a logical next step

We have a dedicated team of Project Managers, Localization Engineers and Technical experts to take care of all your Localization of Mobile and web Apps in any international language.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are application software designed to run on Smartphones, Tablets and other Mobile devices. Most of the Mobile Apps designed for Gaming, Personalization, SMS, GPS and other Click-to-Call function require translation in local language to cater to global markets. At beyondwordz, our involvement is complete right from understanding your market to providing accurate localised version in any language of your choice, the Mobile Apps within your timelines.
  1. String Translation: All text in the User Interface section requires careful consideration to the length of the translated words to fit within pre- defined string length. Appropriate localised version that replicates the original in the target language is chosen and tested for clarity.
  2. Icon Localization: Text embedded on Icon requires graphic engineering with translated text localised by change of graphics and colours to appeal to regional market needs.
  3. Quality Check: Quality check for text, appearance, colours, graphic are done keeping in mind the important elements that require to be highlighted as per market requirement.

Web Apps or Mobile Websites

Web Apps or Mobile websites are browser based software that facilitates users to perform tasks online. If your corporate goals of multi lingual websites are designed with marketing objective, it becomes advantageous to add web Apps immediately as the future of Internet is going to be more and more mobile driven.

Web Apps for E commerce site:The growth of smartphone is a big boon for e-commerce sites and customers also find it convenient to do all their shopping online while they are on the move. Reaching out to them in their local language is a definite plus as there is a feeling of dependability and trust when your website speaks customers' language.

Our web application experience ranges from translation of simple online widgets to complex enterprise applications and e-commerce sites. Many SAAS applications have a single code instance that requires localization in synch with the English application.

We partner closely with our clients to translate mobile and website applications and to prepare and test regular iterative updates. Our expertise minimizes costs while maintaining an exceptional global product.

Mobile will surpass desktop and will soon be a single source device for all their online activities. Add to your website Localization, Localization of web Apps and Mobile Apps and be present across all Digitsl Media.