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Selling products or services globally requires more than just foreign language translation of content. It also requires localizing the entire package from text formatting and graphics localization to image placement. These aesthetic alterations of translated content are accomplished through desktop publishing (DTP).

Desktop publishing is the process of creating documents using page layout software on a personal computer.

Desktop publishing software is used to create high quality printed material for individuals, businesses and organizations.

Main DTP Applications:

Microsoft Office Adobe InDesign Adobe FrameMaker Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop QuarkXPress CorelDRAW -

Top 3 Benefits Of Desktop Publishing Localization Services:

1. Enhanced Appearance With Page Layouts

DTP can help you improve the page layout and create an effective design by balancing the contrast, space, and colors. An enhanced appearance with an attractive page layout on your brochure, booklet or flyer can surely bring an increase in sales.

2. Easy Customization

DTP can revolutionize the way in which your investors, customers and employees think about your company. With professional DTP services, you can improve and customize any type of document while targeting a specific audience.

3. Reduced Production Costs

When you outsource multilingual DTP services, you will not have to invest on DTP equipment (Computers and printers) or the software. This will minimize your production cost as well as give you access to top-notch quality desktop publishing services.

dtp localization process

Professional DTP Localization Service Provider

BeyondWordz has been providing professional, complex multilingual publishing services from 30+ years. Our professional DTP specialists are trainedin state-of-the-art publishing technology. They make sure your brochures, catalogs, and other materials retain the feel and design of the original..

As a DTP localization agency dedicated to quality and service, we use the latest localization technologies to ensure that we deliver print-ready documents. Our team of experienced DTP specialists work with latest technology and software to ensure that the final result is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also communicates visually to the target audience.

Contact us now to find out, how we can assist you with your next multilingual desktop publishing project.

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