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Increase traffic to your website by
Multilingual SEO

A Linguistic SEO enables use of localised keywords that are oriented to increase search engine volume and your website is sure to attract more web traffic in an uncluttered environment.

Give us your source language website content. We will review the same and translate in the target language. The next step is crucial. This is to do with research, refine and rewriting of keywords for getting higher ranking during local language search. Our linguistic SEO specialists will research the popularity of all commonly used words in the local language search and applicable in your domain area. The selected keywords are integrated into the content for linguistic search engine optimization.

Website translation properly localised, speaks the language of customer and culturally connects with them in such a way that it is not seen as translated version, but a style and version in the language they can relate to as their own.

Selection of Keywords with that local touch

To improve your sites ranking, keyword density is checked and relevant keywords within your domain area are selected as a part of linguistic SEO.

For example let's take translation of website from English to French. A keyword 'windshield repair' from your English website translates in French as 'reparation pare-brise'. However it may not be the best keyword to use on your French website. By using the Google keyword suggestion tool, you will see that this translation has a lower local search volume than some of the alternative suggestions such as 'auto pare-brise' or 'moto pare-brise'. To attract more web traffic to your French website, we would advise use of one of these alternative words since they produce a higher local search volume on a broader term usage.

Multiligual SEO

Research, Refine and Rewrite

Researching the keywords, images and other elements helps in refining and rewriting the web content to incorporate local customs and cultural norms. These help in speaking in customers' language and culturally connecting with them. The chances of customers staying in your site vis a vis competition is also high due to locally acceptable web content.

Go International. Get your website translated for expanding your business in new potential and emerging markets where English is not the dominating language.

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