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It is no news that engaging multimedia content is the need of the hour, especially for business managers and entrepreneurs who have plans to expand their business nationally and internationally.

At present, businesses of all sizes and belonging from all sectors are connected to the internet and business managers need to make sure that their clients enjoy impeccable user experience. Hence, whenever brands and enterprises want to launch a product/service or reposition themselves in the market, it has to rely on intricate marketing and related communication strategies.

For instance, localized marketing or promotional collateral like demonstration videos play an important role to keep target audience segments intrigued about a brand.However, uploading posters or broadcasting a promotional video is not going to be enough if a business manager wants to keep their enterprise ahead of the competitive curve. They must tread the extra mile and make sure that all multimedia content created to promote the enterprise or the products/services it offers is localized or personalized in a bid to cater to the cultural, social as well as linguistic differences of its target audience.

This is where multimedia localization services come into the proverbial equation.

What is multimedia localization?

Multimedia localization is the localization of multimedia promotional content created by a brand intending to make sure that the promotional videos and related marketing collateral conform to the target audience segments ?

  • Culture
  • Beliefs
  • Customs and
  • Other market-relevant elements.

  • Importance of multimedia localization services

    Multimedia localization is more than translating the marketing collateral. Every element of marketing content for example the colour scheme, the graphics in the website, the logo of the service has to be in sync with the preferences of the target market segment. It is the only way to make sure that the target audience will relate to the brand and its services/products.

    If multimedia localization is not implemented then a marketing, promotional or business expansion campaign will fail as the target market segment will not be able to relate with the brand in question and treat the brand with scepticism. Furthermore, a brand or business that does not even bother to localize its marketing collateral will never be able to portray itself as a customer-centric organization.

    If a business manager wants to make sure that their venture remains profitable in the long run then investing in multimedia localization services is a necessity and should not be considered a luxury.

    Multimedia Localization

    What kinds of multimedia promotional content need localization?

    Multimedia localization services apply to all forms of multimedia content like video, commercials, instructional content, infomercials, instruction manuals and even brand names or logos.

    How multimedia localization services are offered?

    Multimedia localization agencies offer multimedia localization services in the form of ?

  • dubbing
  • voice-over
  • transcription of the original audio track in the promotional content such as video, audio jingles, etc.
  • advertisement script translation
  • subtitling of a vide
  • localized audio and video production
  • localized animation production
  • localization engineering in the form of localized content writing services, etc.

  • Benefits of multimedia localization

    Engaging localized multimedia content allows a brand or a business to communicate with their respective target audiences in the most efficient manner. Localized multimedia content such as subtitles and voiceovers can help a brand impact the perception of the target audience and penetrate deeper into the untapped market segments in both national and international contexts.

    Other benefits of localized multimedia content are as follows ?

  • Localized multimedia content allows a brand to become competitive
  • Localized multimedia content makes marketing collateral relatable, memorable and engaging.
  • Localized multimedia content ensures a brand can establish strong professional relationships with the new market segment it is planning to enter whether it is in India or overseas.

  • Why us?

  • Investing in multimedia localization services offered by us at BeyondWordz can help entrepreneurs and SME owners to keep their businesses competitive and ensure growth by optimizing available resources.
  • We heavily invest in the betterment of our multimedia localization services. We hire the best translators, linguist experts and localization experts from across India and overseas.
  • We invest a lot in procuring the best resources so that our experts have the tools they would need to deliver commendable multimedia localization services.
  • We can localize multimedia content in all known formats of source media such as Mp3, Mp4, Dat. etc.
  • We can also cater to the multimedia localization needs of e-commerce companies, e-learning institutions as well as ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) who want to localize the marketing and promotional collateral of their products and services.
  • We have skilled and experienced native linguists that allow us to ensure that the localized multimedia content is matching the mood, tone and style of the source content.
  • We choose voice artists from the talent pool working under our payroll who are experts in the target language. This ensures that the localized multimedia content is suitable for the target audience, target language and target location.

  • Call us at   +91 9324992412 for a live demonstration or send an email at if you want to learn more.

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