Multimedia Localization Services in Mumbai India

Multimedia Localization (Mp3, mp4 , dat) In today's digital world of eCommerce and eLearning customers prefer to browse for information or do transaction, in their native language preferably with an audio visual version.

We at beyondwordz have the resources and technology to produce localised audio visual content online using dedicated native professional linguists for matching the mood, tone and style of content. The original script with elapsed time for each sequence is suitably localized and edited so that the translated version of audio and video are synched properly.

At beyondwordz, we choose voice artist who are experts in the desired language and are from the country where the language is spoken. Mother tongue of the voice over artist should also be the same language as the one he/she will be rendering the audio. We lay emphasis to this aspect of voice over artist being native professionals because they understand the pulse of the audience, the culture, and the desired expression. The future of global communication will be more and more audio visual.

Call us for a demonstration to explain further localization process in any international language for your flash file, animation film, and simple audio track to high end e-learning projects.
Multimedia Localization

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