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The dot com era formed by the rapid rise and interest in internet companies, helps us communicate with people instantly from all over the globe. This has made it much easier for businesses to expand their market overseas. English is understood to some degree by many people all over the world, but for a business to become a multinational, it's vital to have a multilingual website.

Website translation will ensure that your product or service can be seen by as many people as possible. This helps in increasing revenue and sales, as well as a customer base. It will also ensure that your company is seen as a professional on a worldwide scale.

Website Translation Gives Global Visibility

Translating a website is the best way to reach foreign markets and increase international sales. In spite of English being the global language, users search information in their native language. Website translation is, therefore, an essential step towards the internationalization of your activity, primarily when it is related to e-commerce.

A website can either be translated by a human at a translation company or by a machine. Machine translation is highly disregarded as a professional form of translation due to its inaccuracies. It's best suited to translating small amounts of text outside of a professional situation. Many websites contain highly specialist and technical information that can only be translated by a knowledgeable professional. To receive best website translation services, it's essential to join hands with a professional website translation service provider who provides quality services.

What Is Localization?

Localization is a process of adapting the content and the product for a specific locale. It is more than simply exchange of words and grammar from one language to another.

Localization ensures that essence of the original is maintained, with consistency in terminology and technical terms. The relevance of brand to the target market is communicated in such a way that it speaks the language of customer and connects with them culturally. Localization is essential, when you want your product to be accessible to users of different native language.

Beyond Wordz offers several localization solutions including software localization, app localization, multimedia localization, and website localization services.

What Do We Mean By Website Localization?

It is the process of ensuring a website appropriate to a particular audience. It goes beyond translation by changing elements such as currencies and units of measurement.

Why Is It Required?

Language is the key element in driving sales and marketing efforts. While there are nearly 1.7 billion English speakers across the globe, only 330 to 350 million - consider themselves to be native speakers.

More than 95% of the global population will not understand what you are talking about, on your website in the first place. That comprises of a large number of potential users that you are missing out on.

With the growth of internet technologies, the value of a website grows too. A website is a highly valuable asset for any company in this modern globalized world with its ability to attract new visitors.

Benefits Of Website Localization Services:

✓Reach a global audience
✓Gain Customer's Trust
✓Improve your SEO Strategy
✓Increase Conversion Rate
✓Strengthen your Brand

Increase Traffic To Your Website By Linguistic SEO

Adding language and localizing the website to generate higher ranking in all search engine is done, based on researching the keywords in each language. The right keywords are not always literal translations from one language to another. Linguistic SEO calls for localizing as per usage of key words in local searches, in-depth research on target customer behavior, copywriting, understanding keyword density, relevance to get higher ranking.

Go Beyond towards Global Sucess

Since its creation, Beyond Wordz has specialized in website translation and localization. Providing best website translation services in Mumbai, India, we've developed leading translation solutions by combining advanced technology with a network of professional translators. Our professional website localization services are the result of extensive research & intensive hard-work of our experts to design services which are in alignment with the client expectations.

Being a language translation service provider, we are specialized in web content translation services, e-commerce websites, mobile applications and many more. In addition to web page translation, our services also include content writing services for websites (SEO writing) optimized for search engines.

To establish your business in a new market, you should consider quality website translations and website localization that are respectful of the culture of the country concerned. Read more about our website localization services.

Our Expertise

website translation
Website Localization

Website Translation Services

It is a cost-effective solution to penetrate new markets.We provide a wide range of website localization services to all main industries.

software translation
Software Localization

Software Localization Services

Effectively localized software will allow your users to connect with your software in a language that feels native to them.

mobile app translation
Mobile App Localization

Mobile App Localization Services

Localize your mobile app quickly and professionally for any language or platform, including Apple iOS and Android.

Multiligual SEO
Multilingual SEO

Multilingual SEO Services

We can help you deliver your audio-visual and interactive content to every corner of the globe by localizing multimedia in target language.

Content Writing
Content Writing

Content Writing Services

Providing professional copywriting services has always been an integral part of our strategy.

Multiligual Localization
Multimedia Localization

Multimedia Localization Services

This multimedia content can take the form of corporate Website & Productive Mobile Application.

Unbox The Services

Industry Specialisation

Travel Translation
Travel and Tourism Industry

Travel Localization Services

The role of the translation agency is of vital importance because of the number of different languages and countries involved in the business.

Technical Translation
Technical Industry

Technical Localization Services

The quality and accuracy of our technical translations are the results of the care exercised by our vendor managers.

Media Translation
Media and Publishing Industry

Media & Publishing Localization Services

Media and Publishing translation services include book translations, magazines, manuscripts, emails and publicity materials.

Legal Translation
Legal Industry

Legal Localization Services

We deliver document translation for thousands oflegal matters and handle large-scale,multilingual cases which involve foreign-language.

Medical Translation
Healthcare and Medical Industry

Healthcare Localization Services

All types of translations are challenging but medical and healthcare translations are one of the toughest.

Retail Translation
Retail Industry

Retail Localization Services

Companies are trying to expand their reach to new marketplaces. With this, arises the need for their content to be translated to their target language.

Why Choose Us



We emphasize the importance of confidentiality. Our certified translators protect the confidentiality of your documents. You can trust our team on keeping your strategic information confidential.


The main goal of our language professionals is quality. We employ quality management system which is formulated and overseen by our quality control division. We regularly monitor the performance of our translators and take corrective actions accordingly.


Professional Translators

We work with professionally qualified native translators who possess exceptional language skills and technical expertise. We maintain the highest quality pool of linguists available. We provide best quality services at highly competitive rates.

Customer Service

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of service that our customers expect and demand. Our localization experts are available 24/7 to help bridge any language barrier.

Fats Turnarounds

Fast Turnarounds

We know how tight our clients' deadlines are. At BeyondWordz, we are happy to handle the rush and expedite translation jobs to meet your most challenging turnaround requirements.



With more than 100 languages available for our localization services, we have the resources necessary to meet your language needs quickly and efficiently. Our trained, professional localization experts are driven by a code of ethics that reinforces our commitment to the best in language services.

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