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There are many certified website localization services in India. BeyondWordz stands apart from all other agencies because of its unique approach. With over 30+ years of functioning, they add a wealth of experience in terms of localization expertise and technology to your projects. They offer multilingual websites that go beyond words so that your website speaks in customers' language and culturally adapt global communication.

The concept of localization is primarily associated with entering foreign markets. However, people prefer to use products and services in their native language wherever they are, so localizing to other official, semi-official or otherwise prominently used languages on a single market is a wise thing to do

Localization makes your website more appealing to foreign language speakers. With website localization, you will be able to reach out to millions of new potential customers. The best thing to do is to choose languages used in countries where your products or services can be highly sought after

1. Improve Search Engine Optimization : When you localize your website content into another language, your content cup tends to be fully filled with information. If you localize it into 5 different languages, your website will be 5X richer in content than it was before. The important thing to consider here is that search engines favor only those websites that contain a large amount of useful content. More the content, higher will be the ranking of your website in the search results.

2. Increase Revenue : Website localization boosts the revenue of the business. According to the Common Sense Advisory in 2014, 72% of internet users are more likely to buy products if the information is available in their native language. Therefore, creating a multilingual website will give your business a wide exposure.

3. Boost Consumer Confidence : A website in the user's native language will boost his/her confidence in your products. This is because they feel more familiar with the content when it appears in their native language. This results in building an instant connection between you and your customer.

4. Competitive Edge : According to a survey in 2011 conducted by the European Commission, 90% of Europeans visit a website in their native language. 42% of them do not buy the products if the language is different from their mother tongue. This shows that multilingual website will keep you ahead of others

5. Global Reach : Localizing your website's content can expand your global reach. It will allow you to tap into target markets and make your products and services more appealing to those markets. This will, in turn, result in an increase in sales.Therefore, Website localization benefits your business in many ways, thereby helping you climb the global ladder.