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Translation becomes meaningless and garbled and in some cases lead to wrong communication with disastrous result, due to engaging of cheap amateur translators or machine translations/Robotic translations to save cost and time.

Beyondwordz is for website translation where quality is the key at each stage of project progress. Beyondwordz gives you the confidence that your multi lingual website translation meets the desired objective of global communication with a local touch. We engage only professional native writers as they understand the cultural nuances and prevailing customs as well as social and political sensitiveness. Due to their domain expertise, they understand the source content to localise your website in the language of your target market.

  1. Selection of Translators:
    Translators should meet five requirements, namely:
    • Familiarity with the source language
    • Familiarity with the target language
    • Familiarity with the subject matter to perform the job successfully
    • Have translated at least 100,000 words
    • Be appropriately qualified in their technical areas
  2. Translation Review:
    As translation is a human endeavour, errors or stylistic difference may appear and hence an editor for each project is engaged to review content.
    • Prevent any cultural misunderstanding and streamline for target markets
    • Meet characteristics of target audience
    • Adhere to Industry/Client terminology
    • Check format consistency
    • Selection of words and use of dialects for better expressions
    • Check grammatical and spelling mistakes
    • Review for translation accuracy and clarity of communication
    • Technical check
    • Key words usage for SEO
  3. Writer Edit and Review
    Project coordinators coordinates with the writer proof read copy for
    • Missing links left for editing
    • Incomplete sentences
    • References, Index, captions, sub-titling to be translated
    • Formatting, Font, bullet order consistency with source
    • Address, Date etc. as per country convention
    • Client glossary check
    • Client specific instructions
    • Mandatories inclusions
  4. Graphic Engineering
    • Suggest Graphic revision for Localization
  5. Final Review by Project Manager
    • Compare source file and target file for consistency
    • Check with client notes and review all edits are carried out
  6. Client comment and follow up with writer
    • Review client comment and if valid inform writer
    • Suggest revision where appropriate
  7. Quality Review and Final delivery
    • Suggest and get approval where needed for second linguistic check
    • Follow up with writer for edit wherever it is a must
    • Upload/Deliver in the required format
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