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We also offer end-to-end video localization services. Whether you are looking for video transcription, script translation, dubbing, or localized subtitles for videos, we can deliver it all.

Let us help you expand the impact of your multimedia content and that too at reasonable rates!

Our video localization services


We offer audio transcriptions for video files that can be used by voiceover artists when you want to release the video in question to a region that does not speak the original language the video is shot in.

Script translation

We also offer script translation services. This is ideal for cases where one wants to make sure that the audio, video and text is in sync with one another. We will tread the extra mile and make sure that the source and the final file match by checking the time elapsed for each frame.


We also offer dubbing services. We have a dedicated team of dubbing artists who have years of experience under their proverbial belts. We have a dubbing artist for every bespoke project. Whether you need a dubbing artist to portray a cartoon character or an 80-year-old person, we have the talent at our disposal.


We also offer localized subtitles for video files. We will make sure that the translated subtitles match the context and do not alter the essence of the video file. We will also make sure that the subtitles are in-sync with the video file, frame-by-frame.

Benefits Of Localizing Your Video

    ✔Improved Rankings

    ✔Reach A Large Audience

    ✔Better Consumer Engagement

    ✔Create Different Content For Users

    ✔Competitive Edge

video localization

Our video localization process

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