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Subtitles are seen everywhere, right from movies to promotional ads.

Subtitle localization is the process of adapting the content to suit the target market. It includes transcription and translation of the audio, text and other support materials of the video.

Subtitles can be either embedded or interactive. Embedded subtitles are visible while watching the video. Interactive subtitles give the option of switching them on or off as needed.

Adding multilingual subtitles to your videos can help you tap the global market, thereby expanding your user base. With the help of multilingual subtitles, users understand the message in a better way.

Subtitles boost video shares by 15% (Scribie)

Benefits Of Subtitling Localization Services

Reach A Wider Audience

Subtitles can make your video accessible to people in foreign markets. It makes your content competitive by expanding video outreach to maximum locations. With the help of subtitling localization service you can translate and localize your video in multiple languages.

Increases The Viewing Time

The use of videos is growing at a fast pace. With the help of subtitles, videos receive more engagement. According to tubular insights, the amount of time that the user spends watching a video increases by 40% with subtitles.

Maintains Concentration For Longer Periods

Subtitles help to maintain concentration for a longer period of time. They also provide a better experience for viewers with attention disorders and also for those with poor concentration.

Subtitles Localization Services

Improves Language Skills

Subtitling improves your native language skills for writing, which includes spelling and grammar. It is helpful for children while watching videos.

Provides Clarity

Subtitles add clarity to your video content, which involves a jargon or has technical content. This helps the viewer to retain the information easily.

Overview Of Our Subtitling Localization Services

Educational Videos Documentary Live
TV Series Movies Interviews

Video Subtitling Services

Video subtitling is growing rapidly in today's market. With the help of this service, your videos can globally be accessible and your content can easily reach your target market in their native language.

Video subtitling service helps the non-speakers of the language of video to understand the content easily. It is therefore, an effective marketing tool for your business.

When subtitles are included, 80% more people watch videos to completion (Scribie)

Your Professional Subtitling Service Partner

To achieve global success, your subtitles need to be translated and localized for your target market. Offering high-quality, accurate subtitling localization services in more than 100 languages, BeyondWordz is the most sought after subtitling service provider in India.

We ensure a wider reach for your video content and also assure that the subtitles capture the style and essence of the original content. We work with subtitling TV shows, podcasts, interviews and other projects and have clients worldwide that rely on us for their professional subtitle translation service needs.

Our services are performed by a team of qualified and competent subtitling artists who are experts in the art of professional subtitle translation.

Contact us today to for your subtitling localization strategy which can help you increase your global market share.

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