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Retail localization is the way forward for brands and businesses that want to expand into every corner of India or the market segments overseas.

Failure to adopt retail localization can lead to target market segments shunning a brand or business and engaging in business transactions with rival brands or businesses.

If you want to make your brand or business a household name in India or transform it into a global venture then make the most out of the retail localization services offered by us at BeyondWordz.

What is retail localization?

Retail localization is a new age business strategy that can be adopted by fortune 500 companies, start-ups as well as established brands to localize their products and services in a bid to establish a strong rapport with untapped national or international market segments.

What are the benefits of retail localization?

  • With retail localization services by their side, brands and business can cater to the unique needs of rural untapped market segments as well as market segments of foreign lands all the while making sure that their steps are aligned to the cultural, legal and political aspects of the target market segment.
  • Retail localization services allow brands to increase their customer base as people tend to buy products or subscribe to services that come with marketing collateral written in languages they are familiar with.
  • Retail localization services allow a brand or business to establish a strong connection with the untapped market segments. People tend to feel comfortable interacting with brands and business that understands what they need. Through retail localization, brands and businesses attain a deeper understanding of what the untapped market segments need. It also allows them to come up with new products and services specifically designed for the target market segment(s).
  • With the help of retail localization services, a brand or a business can easily connect with prospective clients and remain on top of their minds.

Type of retail localization services we offer

  • Colour and font localization - We will make sure that the colours and fonts used in your e-store or the official website of your brand are also localised so that your prospective clients can easily connect with your company.
  • Content layout, writing style and grammatical localization - We will also design the content layout according to the grammatical norms and writing styles followed in a particular language.
  • Image and visual element localization - We will tread the extra mile and make sure that the images and visual elements used in the e-store or official website of your business are localised as well.
  • Currency and measurement unit localization - All currencies and measurement units used in a website or e-store will also be localized to portray your business as a customer-centric organization.
  • Localised marketing strategies - We will also back our retail localization services with appropriate localized online marketing practices such as effective online marketing strategies, use of appropriate keywords, localized link building strategies as well as localized lead generation techniques.

Why choose our retail localization services?

30 years’ worth of experience

For starters, our company has been in the localization sector for more than 30 years. We have the skills, the experience, the technological resources and a vast workforce that allows us to work on projects with varying degrees of challenges.

Quality over quantity

We are known among our pan-India clientele as a localization company that prioritises quality over quantity.

Skilled (and experienced) workforce

Our dedicated department for retail localization services has a workforce that consists of retired brand managers, marketers, certified digital marketing experts, writers and linguists. All of them together work on the retail localization projects our clients assign to us. The collective efforts of learned and skilled minds ensure that the retail localization projects handled by us at BeyondWordz allow our clients to reach deep into the untapped market segments whether they are in India or abroad.

We can help all brands and businesses

We can help brands and businesses of all sizes and ages belonging to all sectors within the Indian as well as the global economy with our critically acclaimed retail localization services.

We are experts in more than 100 national and international languages

Our retail localization team members are capable of working on projects that need to be localized in more than 100 international and national languages.

Scalable services and tariffs

Our retail localization services are scalable that allowing us to adjust our approach according to the unique requirements of a brand. The tariffs we offer to our clients are also flexible. Furthermore, we adhere to transparency in terms of our retail localization tariff. We will offer you a detailed no-obligation quote as soon as you share with us the details of the retail localization project you want us to handle on behalf of your company.

Strict NDA

We follow strict secrecy within our company which is why we will make the members of the small team of experts within our workforce who will work on the retail localization project for your business, sign a non-disclosure agreement. This step ensures that the details of the project will not fall into the hands of your rivals which would lead your business to lose its competitive advantage.

Local SEO meets retail localization

We also make the best use of localized Search Engine Optimization or better known as local SEO practices. This is an ideal approach for a project when the client is planning to enter untapped segments of their target market, whether it is in India or overseas.

Our experts will tread the extra mile for quality assurance purposes

Our linguists, project managers, quality assurance team and everyone who will work on the project assigned to us by you will tread the extra mile in a bid to fully understand the market your brand caters to, the products/services your brand offers and the localization requirements you have in mind for your venture.

We also focus on the tone and visual elements of the project

We not only localise the landing page content of your business website or e-store. We will also make sure that the tone of the target language, the colour schemes and the images work in tandem with the localization objectives you have in mind for your company.

Only native writers are assigned to all our retail localization projects

We will assign only native writers who speak, read and write the target language for your project. This allows us to make sure that the retail localization projects we work on are politically, legally and culturally appropriate as it is the only way your brand will be able to establish a strong rapport with the market segments it wants to tap into.

We use the premium versions of best-in-class localization tools

Unlike traditional localization agencies, we at BeyondWordz use the premium versions of best-in-class tools that allow us to offer quality-assured retail localization services for projects of all sizes and formats.

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