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From corporate training to university classrooms, E-Learning provides unprecedented levels of flexibility and reach to people all over the world. If your E-Learning program is designed to be used by learners from different countries, it is essential not only to translate your course material but also to localize it.

E-Learning localization service is all about adapting content to a specific location and its culture. The adaptation of the content involves translating the content into the target language. It also adapts elements, such as font, colors, images, etc of the local culture.

Localizing your E-learning materials will make the lessons more engaging as it fits the culture of the intended users. It also increases retention, facilitates communication and helps in improving the overall experience.

Why Is E-Learning Localization Necessary?

    1. It eliminates cultural differences

    2. It boosts knowledge retention

    3. It ensures consistent message deliverys

    4. It makes e-learning content relatable to learners

How Can It Be Done Effectively?

    ✔Identify the need for localization while developing E-Learning materials.

    ✔Know your target market.

    ✔Ensure that your content is localization-friendly.

    ✔Focus on the language as well as on the design.

Top E-Learning Statistics

    ✔The global E-Learning market will reach $325 billion by 2025.

    72% of organizations believe that E-Learning puts them at a competitive advantage.

    77% of us companies used online learning in 2017.

    ✔Comprehensive training programs lead to 218% higher revenue per employee.

    ✔For every dollar spent on E-Learning, companies make back $30 in productivity.

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Our Wide Range Of E-Learning Localization Services

Assessment programs Audio scripts Training modules
Websites Certification programs Multimedia content

Your Localization Partner

E-Learning involves many different elements to be localized to create an effective multilingual eLearning program. A language service provider can streamline the process for you.

BeyondWordz provides high quality E-learning translation services. Our team of linguists, designers, and other professionals has expertise in handling your E-Learning translation and localization needs effectively.

We ensure that the multilingual training you provide is of the highest quality and is consistent, no matter which languages your target audience speaks. We can localize your content in multiple formats as per the learners' needs. These include Video, Audio, PDF, PowerPoint presentations, Word, amongst others.

Need help with localizing your eLearning curriculum and training materials? Give us a call today to have an initial conversation on what we can do for you.

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